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'Welcome to Ensuite2Go - the towable camping and utility trailer'

Features include:

Price £8950

Ensuite2Go features our own design Infinity Shower which is a recycling power shower which filters the water through 3 filters and ultraviolet light meaning you are not reliant on a water hookup.

Ensuite2Go features a Thetford C400 flushing cassette toilet which can be refilled and emptied from the outside.

Ensuite2Go features a large sink with hot and cold water supplied by the on-board recycled water supply. Hot water is heated by a powerful 2kw diesel heater or a 12v heating element in the water tank.

Ensuite2Go is fitted with a 270w solar panel which provides power and charges the onboard 100aH lithium battery. 240v hookup is also available if needed. You could even power a 12v compressor fridge from the lithium battery which is charged by the large solar panel on the roof.

Ensuite2Go is heated by a powerful 2kw diesel heater which will also heat the water, it can also be diverted to a built-in hairdryer. It can also be diverted to heat an awning or tent.

While travelling Ensuite2Go is ideal for carrying your camping equipment. With the addition of a compatible motorcycle wheel chock you can even store and transport a motorcycle or bicycles in there.

With the diesel heater, the Ensuite2Go can double up as a drying room for your kit or washing.

Ensuite2Gos roof can be lowered to reduce the wind profile making it better for towing and allowing it to be stored in a garage.

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